Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Day 7: Let's Talk About "Teacher Shoes"

So I've spent the majority of my day (the non Olympic-focused section of it, at least) immersed in back issues of NCTM's Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and finally reading Jo Boaler's Mathematical Mindsets. I know....I'm late to the party. I am trying to really focus this year on bringing more best practices from research into my classroom and my pedagogy. Needless to say, my mind is spinning. I can't wait to write about everything I've been thinking, but my brain hasn't had enough time to synthesize yet.

So, in lieu of a more academic topic and in order to distract myself from texting my brother a million different warnings about praising his toddler into having a fixed instead of a growth mindset, a post about the dreaded "teacher shoes" seemed appropriate. 

My first few years of teaching I was that person who walked into Target, bought every different color flat I could, and walked out. I always had shoes to match any outfit and I always had foot pain from having absolutely no arch support. When we left NC, I threw away all of my cute, uncomfortable hold outs. I'm starting to care more about my foot pain than my fashionability, a true sign of my age and surviving my first few years of teaching, and have amassed a small collection of "teacher shoes" that I'm hoping haven't put me too far "over the hill" yet. Here's my field guide to the teacher shoes I have left: 

Shoe #1: "Never Letting My Early 20's Go" Sandals

The Story: Teacher Work Days, Running Errands Around Town, Refusing to Say Goodbye to Summer. These are on their last legs and are my hold out pair of Target shoes under $20 #neverletgo

Shoe #2: "I'll Only Wear Them If They Don't Hurt" Wedges
The Story: When you want to wear heels, but you are secretly rocking a comfort brand (Aerosoles FTW). These have gotten me through a few awards nights, school concerts, etc. I feel weird about wearing open toes during the academic day, but these shoes have seen some students in one environment or another. 

Shoe #3: "Grown Up" Flats
The Story: Let's be honest, you weren't going to be able to float between classrooms and monitor student groups in those 4 inch heels you tried on. Flats that cost over $15 and have real arch support are a much more reasonable choice. You have a Master's Degree. Buy some reasonable shoes. 

Shoe #4: "I'm Feeling Preppy" Boat Shoes
The Story: I said I'd never own a pair, but they are so comfortable!!! Once I bought my first pair of orange chinos, I knew these would be coming soon after. 

Shoe #5: "I'm Totally Going to Start Wearing Heels This Year" Heels
The Story: You guys, these are SO COMFORTABLE. My husband convinced me to buy them yesterday when I put them on in the store and basically started jogging up and down the aisles. They are Clarks and have tons of support and cushion. Ask me again the 3rd week of school how I really feel about them. So far, so good. 

Shoe #6: "You're the One That Thought Moving Back to NY Was a Good Idea" Boots

The Story: I bought theses before we left North Carolina. I've admitted defeat. #WinterisComing

Has anyone discovered the magic teacher shoe that truly gives comfort AND style AND is affordable on a teacher's salary?!?!?!?! Share if you have! 

P.S. I've gone a little overboard on the beige shoes. Seeing them all like this is a little too real. 


  1. I'd definitely like an update on those heels! I love my Clarks heeled boots!

    I wore heels for about the first 7 years of teaching, then found the beauty of a good ballet flat. Turns out shooting hip pain is not a requirement for the job!

    1. I've never worn Clarks before but they were so comfy- had to give them a try! http://www.dsw.com/shoe/clarks+brierdolly+platform+pump?prodId=319797

  2. I know not all principals would call them professional but mine are fine with them as long as they stay on when you need them. I'm totally team Teva! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KXD8ELQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1