Thursday, August 4, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Day 4: Home Office!

Quick post today as I am ACTUALLY digging deep into lesson planning for next month! 

Today I finally finished setting up my home office space, which has been a work in progress since moving in last month! I love how it turned out (hence why I'm actually getting some work done today).

One of the perks of not having my own classroom this year is that some of my favorite decorations can be at home. Thankfully, I married a science teacher who isn't opposed to having unit circles decorating our apartment. 
"You'll be able to do this in your sleep!" was always once of my catch phrases during unit circle time. One of my amazing kids took this literally and made me this unit circle dream catcher! 
Another amazing unit circle from a former student....she made it from blow drying crayons on a canvas. 
The "CC" was an award passed from teacher to teacher at my old school each month and the STM dish was a 6th grader's version of a "pi" plate- my favorite gift when I left my first ever teaching job! 
 And the very best part of all?

This room doubles as our guest room, so I have the very best PLC member ever when I'm working....

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  1. Those unit circles are pieces of art! Absolutely gorgeous!