Saturday, June 3, 2017

Integration by Parts Circuit

Let's face's hard to keep kiddos engaged after the AP exam. Especially when they already took their final, know they got a "5" on it, and are starting to hit up the graduation party circuit. Luckily, I have great kids who are buying in to the whole "If I learn this now it might make my first week of college a little less stressful." (Huge shoutout to my former student rocking his engineering major at NC State whose email from the beginning of this year I've been able to show them!)

After learning Integration by Parts, I wanted to give the kids something self checking that they could work on with peers for practice, so I created this quick little circuit. I ended the lesson by having one student put a question on the board where tabular was appropriate and one student put a question where it wasn't and we talked more about why they made the decision they did. 

Feel free to use as is or modify! I got all the problems from this Kuta worksheet.  It took the kids about 15-20 minutes to complete.