Thursday, August 18, 2016

#MTBoSBlaugust Day 13: Geometry Learning Targets

Here is my draft of Common Core Geometry Learning Targets for this year. This is largely designed from the previous work of my PLC to unpack standards, so I want to spend some time going back and cross-referencing. And I tried to write these from scratch....exhausting (and impossible to focus on while you're immersed in the newest episode of The Night Of). 

My Calculus Learning Targets had me like:

With these, I'm feeling more: 

I'm still adjusting to seeing myself as a geometry teacher again- it's been almost 5 years. I love it, but it has a unique mindset from more algebra-based classes. I do, however, feel much more familiar with the curriculum as my PLC has interpreted it, which makes me feel more ready to be a team player. I'm ready to start working with some other teachers on this stuff....I always feed on that collaborative energy.

Under 3 weeks until Day 1!  

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