Monday, November 12, 2012

"You'll love it...It's like a soap opera everyday"

These were the wise words of a  teacher I observed during my undergraduate work- a time when I couldn't imagine spending 40 hours each week with 12 year olds. But, 5 years later, here I am.....spending 40 hours a week with (and at least 40 more preparing for) my 6th-8th graders in all their awkward glory.

I always imagined myself to be a high school teacher because..well...I LOVE math. And I had my big shot when I got to teach AP Calculus, Algebra 2/Trig Enriched, and a remedial Geometry course. What I learned was that all the things I loved about math were lost on my students. Their excitement for learning had already been lost in the interest of top grades to get into top colleges or the apathy that comes with struggle. They wanted "tricks" and "steps," not to experiment with problem solving or be ready to learn from failure. I found my passion with middle schoolers- the age when everything can be new and exciting, even math!

So here it is...My attempt to marry my loves of teaching, math, and writing. I'll be sharing some of the wonderful strategies, lessons, and ideas I've found and can't wait to start exchanging ones with all of you!
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