Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Darndest Things

I was reminded today, as I often am, of just how young my students are. Let me set the scene....flash back to those 5 minutes between 4th period and lunch today. I am sitting at my desk wrapping up an awwwwesome jigsaw activity (if I do say so myself) and trying to shoo my students down to lunch so I can run to the bathroom and scarf down a sandwich. I have Ella Fitzgerald playing in the background as I work. In walks a 7th grader....

Student: "Ms. F, why are you listening to 80's music?"
Me: "Really? Do you REALLY think this is 80's music?"
Student: "Well, yeah. It's old!"

Now let me remind you: I am only about 12 years older than my students. Many of them have older siblings my age, if not older. I listen to bad pop music, see all the stupid movies, and have to restrain myself from asking my students where they got all their outfits. I chaperoned a dance and could not be told apart from the kids in the dark because of my height. But there is one thing I know....Ella Fitzgerald is NOT 80's music.  

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