Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Indefinite Integration with U Substitution

Happy 2017! 

So much changed in 2016, but one of the things I'm most happy about is that my blogging habits changed! I've always been an #MTBoS lurker, but finally getting more involved in blogging has helped shape me so much as a teacher and I'm looking forward to even more sharing and collaboration this year. Let's just say I'm on an upward trend...
I was happy to see my kiddos on the first day back from break, but watching them attempt u-substitution felt like watching this: 

To be expected, I know. We started u subs 2 classes before break and on the class before break I had a whopping 6 students show up (we went right up until 2:30 pm on December 23rd....most of my kids were off skiing or sleeping until well after my class was over). Knowing that we would be struggling to get back into the groove today, I wanted to come up with an activity that would include checkpoints along the way to encourage students to analyze their work throughout the process, not just at the very end. Cue this awesome activity from Tatia Totorica on TeachersPayTeachers on U Substitution that is FREE! Unfortunately, it used definite integrals and we aren't quite there yet. However, I loved the idea and decided to adapt to make it my own. 

U Substitution 4 Color Activity (Indefinite Integrals)

At it's core, this is a matching activity. Print it out on different color papers and have kids work in partners to find the pieces that correspond with each other. They also work to fill in the columns on their worksheet, which requires them to show their work in the appropriate columns. I liked that the weren't easily matched...they required some thinking and analysis. By the end of class, the students were cruising through these with their partners. 

Happy Integrating! 

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