Thursday, January 19, 2017

Choosing a Method of Integration

One of the biggest difficulties my students face when we work through our integration unit is distinguishing between the different techniques we've learned. When told which approach to take, they can nail almost any integral. When given a mixed bag of problems to sort through on their own, the tides start to turn. I tried to spiral in a bit more mixed practice than I did last year, but it still didn't feel like quite a enough this year.

I designed this to have kids work on in phases-
1) Individually evaluate which method you would use (gut instinct, what do you think?)
2) Swap papers with a partner and say whether you agree or disagree and be ready to argue why
3) Work with your partner to try to decide on who is right. Check yourself by evaluating the integral
4) Generate a list of what features helped you identify which method to use!

I wish I'd left more time to do it in class. I will definitely budget more for it next year. 

Any other favorite activities for helping kids with this?

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