Thursday, August 3, 2017

WODB- Limits #1

Taking July off from blogging has been extremely restorative after a long school year and I'm ready to get back in action! I'm starting to create a series of WOBDs for warm ups in AP Calculus and am looking first at my limits unit. This one is just a start, but it's getting my blog moving back in a productive direction as August gets underway! MTBOSBlaugust was pretty powerful for me, so while I may not post daily, I'm trying to get back on the wagon this summer! 

I want my kids thinking about both continuity and limits in this one, so I've tried to vary the reason I see things "don't belong." These are just my thoughts, but we know the kids will always find more:  
A-  Continuous
B- Removable Discontinuity
C- Limit Does Not Exist at x=1
D- Does Not Have Y Intercept of 2 OR Limit DNE at x=0

More to come, but wanted to get this blog train back on track! 

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  1. Thank you!! Using these this year for the first time in calculus and am looking for examples!!