Monday, August 21, 2017

NYS Common Core Geometry Standards and Assessment

Happy Eclipse Day! 

As the new school year inches closer and closer, my thoughts are turning back to my classroom. After having our first PLC meeting of the year this morning, I'm at least being productive today! 

Wanted to share a resource for any other NYS Geometry teachers who might be interested. I spent a lot ( a lot...) of time this summer going through every released Common Core Geo Regents and sorting the questions by standard (side note....I am sure there was an easier way to do this as the Regents already has an alignment document and would love to be enlightened if anyone has ideas!). I recorded next to each standard how it has historically been assessed on the Regents and 18 pages later, we have this. These are sorted according to our pacing and unit layout, but can easily be adapted to whatever your school does.

Feel free to send me ideas if there are things you would add! I made this to be used, so please steal, adapt, and keep sharing more ideas! 

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