Monday, October 1, 2018

Google Forms Pre-Assessment

My non-AP Calculus class is about to start our limits unit and I wanted a better picture of what they remember from last year to inform how I lay out the unit. A little background: my kids are coming from a variety of places including Pre-Calc Honors, Pre-Calc Advanced Topics (an advanced functions class- the "non-honors" version for our school), crash course community college Pre-Calc over the summer, and some even from Algebra II. I wanted to try something new to get feedback from kids that would also mean I didn't have to wait until I saw them next, so I threw together a Google Form using my answer key. 

For each question, I posted my full solution to the problem, then asked students to tell me if they got it correct or not, how confident they felt on the skill, and then an extra space for comments. Comments were optional, but kids have been sharing some interesting feedback on there. Here are some screenshots of the form:

It's been most interesting to see the correlation (or lack there of) between kids getting a question correct and their confidence. It's helpful to see that kids got something correct, but still didn't feel confident in it....a nice insight outside of just what percent of kids "knew it." 

I shared a link on the handout and told kids they could only receive credit if they filled out the form, so there's incentive to actually do it. I'm using it to plan out where students will need support and where we can move faster than I'd expected. 

Definitely a trial run, but so far so good! 

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