Monday, September 17, 2018

Rational Functions Who Am I? Activity

Pre-Calculus has always been my first baby. As a new teacher, I was thrown into Pre-Calculus and it quickly became my pride and joy...I experimented, learned, and fell in love with teaching it. Not only was it the best preparation I could have had for when I finally got to teach my real, true love (Calculus), but it also helped me connect my knowledge of algebra, geometry, and more in a way I'd never done as a student.

This year I've started teaching a school level Calculus class and it's been so much fun to delve back into some Pre-Calculus topics that I don't normally get to review with my AP kids. This activity was a great review for my students to get them talking, factoring, and thinking. It didn't take long, but generated some good conversations. It would also be a fun extension to have students write one of these "Who Am I?" activities, which could be used for any topic in any course! 

Feel free to steal or adapt! Let me know if you make any meaningful changes! Here is the file:

Here's some more of my thoughts about rationals from past posts, if your in the market! 

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