Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Which Ratio? Activity for Right Triangle Trig

One of the things my geometry kids consistently struggle with each year is deciding just which ratio to use for each problem. They can reliably go from there, but when you get stuck on the set up, it can be a SINE that you're lost!

I tried something new this week to combat this issue and so far, it's been really effective. My lab students are especially benefiting as I see them consistently being able to identify the ratio and therefore gain an entry point into the problem.

Pam Wilson wrote a great blog post about an activity she did with her students- read it here- and I stole the document she created to adapt to my kiddos. I put each one of these on a slide and students are asked to analyze (think-pair-share) style which ratio is represented in each picture.

My favorite part is I gave each student a set of these paddles to participate. They were quick to make....run an exacto knife through some cardboard and hot glue popsicle sticks to the back of each (how most people spend their Sunday nights, right?!).  Instant feedback for me, fun for them....an all around win. I've been just leaving these on the tables as we work and I'll ask the kids to periodically show me which ratio they think we should use before we attempt a problem. This has been especially helpful with word problems because I do a quick analysis before moving on to make sure we've "got it" and know how to approach it. 

Also, I know this could totally be done in a Kahoot or another way, but something about the hands on "auction" style get the kids super engaged and I love that I can continue to use them throughout the unit. A nice tool to keep around whenever necessary, not just on "Kahoot" day.

A small thing but so far, especially for me struggling learners, it's made a big difference! 


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