Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Find My Mistake Activity- CPCTC

A CPCTC activity where each proof has something wrong and students need to find and correct it! I usually have students work in teams at stations around the room and record what they find wrong with each. Often, I'll put in one "correct" proof so they have to find the one that has no mistakes, but I decided not to on this one. Since I'm using this for my Geometry with Lab class, I wanted to give them a chance to practice proof analysis without the extra confusion. I'll add in that layer as we move on into more sophisticated proofs. 

Side Note: I don't let my kids say CPCTC until like February. By that time, some tutor or another has told them my well-kept secret and they're begging to use it. Until they can perfectly explain to me what it means, they don't touch it. You'll see no mention of it in these proofs! We instead talk about the fact that is triangles are congruent, the corresponding sides or corresponding angles. 

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