Sunday, October 29, 2017

WODB- Differentiation Techniques

We just finished implicit differentiation last class and I wanted to get my students thinking about when to use which differentiation technique as we come to the close of this unit. I made this quick WODB to have students analyze differences among structures. This isn't as true to WODB form as I'd like, but it will still get them talking and thinking. 

Comment suggestions if you have any! 

A: Only one that uses implicit differentiation, only one where point is given (not just x coordinate)
B- Only one asking for general derivative, not derivative at a point
C- Only one that requires product rule, only one not in terms of y (in function notation with g(x)), only one with trig function
D- Only one that does not equal 1/2 (equals -1/2), only one from a table, only one that requires quotient rule

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