Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Applications of Derivatives Slap Jack Review

I've written before about my Slap Jack review game. It's one of my favorites for getting kids engaged and working together! 
The basic rules:
  • Students play in 2 vs. 2 games (so 4 students per group)
  • Students look at the 1st card and work with their partner to solve the problem completely on their whiteboard or in their notes
  • First group to have a complete solution written can "slap" the deck to indicate they're done. They then have to defend their answer. If they're right, they get to keep the card. If not, the other group gets a chance to "steal" by getting the question right. 
  • If no one gets it right, the whole group has to work to figure the problem out. No one gets the card, but they're still responsible for the topic. 
  • Group with the most cards at the end wins!!
Here's one I wrote recently for my AP Calculus Class to get them ready for their big applications of derivatives test. It's a mix of released AP questions, questions from review books, and questions from worksheets. Lots of mixed practice on everything from curve sketching to related rates to tangent line approximations.

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